Egyptian cotton Washing Tips



Egyptian cotton Washing Tips:  Take care of your luxury fabrics

Washing Your Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Something that you have to remember about all natural fibers, including Egyptian cotton, is that it will shrink during the first wash. You will also find that excess dye will be released the first time you wash the fabric. Some manufacturers treat the linens with a special pre-laundering procedure in which case you don't first have to wash it before using it for the first time.

Otherwise, you must wash your cotton clothing and linen first before using them. This is to get rid of excess dye, which can be a problem with people suffering from allergies, and to allow for the normal shrinkage that occurs during the first wash.

Don't wash cotton fabrics in very hot water, since this might cause the material to shrink excessively. A water temperature of 104º Fahrenheit is recommended for most cotton products. Try to wash cotton items separately from your other laundry items, since zippers and buttons might damage the cotton.

Don't use a harsh detergent when washing cotton items. And never use chlorinated bleach. This could in effect destroy the cotton fibers over time and will seriously impact on the longevity of your cotton clothing and linen. Do not use fabric softener when washing cotton items. Many people are not aware that this will actually clog the pore of the fabric over time and it will lose its shine and softness.

Many consumers are also unaware that if you use too much detergent over a long period of time, it will also start forming a residue in the pores of the material which is not removed during the rinsing cycle. Eventually, this will make the material stiff and sticky and difficult to clean.

To avoid excessive wrinkles, it's a good idea to shake out cotton clothes and bedding before drying them. While a tumble dryer set to a cool temperature is feasible for items made from cotton, they actually do much better with line drying. This will ensure they come off the line virtually without wrinkles.

You should, of course, follow the rules of common sense and not wash bright colors with whites. However beautiful your new purple shirt or top is, you might not be very happy to find out that your white sheets now have a similar color! Wash them separately and you will have no problem.

Washing your Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Remember that items like bath towels made from cotton will initially feel coarse. This is normal with any natural fiber. Washing it before you use it for the first time will help to alleviate the problem. You will find that the more you wash your cotton towels (no fabric softeners!) the softer and more absorbent will they become. Following the simple Egyptian cotton washing tips above will ensure that you enjoy many years of service from your cotton clothing, linen, and towels.

How to Deodorize Smelly Towels

Why is there a bad smell in the washer? If you usually wash at low temperatures, it can cause bad odor in the washer. Run the machine at a higher temperature approximately once a month, preferably at 194º Fahrenheit with a detergent for whitewash. It keeps the washer clean and prevents the emergence of bad odor. It's ok to run the machine without clothes if you do not want to wash something at such a high temperature. Detergent with bleach also has a positive effect. Another simple measure is to allow the detergent drawer and door slightly open after washing, then the supply of air cause the machine to dry faster. This is especially true if you go on vacation and will not use the machine for an extended period.

Follow the dosing recommendations of the detergent manufacturer, so you do not overdose, and take into account the washing machine's maximum capacity of the different programs. It reduces the risk of bad smell further.